Jumping Clay has been deemed safe by major international testing agencies and more than 20 countries have approved and recognized JumpingClay as an eco-friendly product.  It’s the only filler clay that has been tested and passed as a food substance in Japan.

The clay is made of the finest, raw ingredients resulting in a high quality product that is second to none.


The Safest Clay in the World

  • SGS (International testing agency for non-toxic substances) approved.
  • CE (Europe quality certification) approved.
  • Intertek (Japanese test food) approved.
  • UL (USA), LHAMA (Labelling of Non Hazardous Art Materials Certification).

Herb Scented 

  • Instead of chemical smell, emits a light, fragrant herb scent that has a calming effect.
  • The nano-silver technology used in its production gives the clay antibacterial and disinfectant qualities.