Kids Set

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Great value set that contains 8 colours, stencils, a mulit-purpose tool and an instructional manual showing basic techniques, colour mixing charts and step by step examples.

Contents: 6 clay tubs (white, yellow, green, red, blue, black), 2 refills (orange, violet), 2 stencils, pinocchio tool, manual.


Jumping CLAY is highly educational, jasmine scented and eco-friendly modelling clay that has a silky texture like no other. With a variety of 8 exceptionally bright colours, the clay can be effortlessly intermixed creating any desired texture or tone. It bonds to itself seamlessly; air dries naturally, creates no mess and bounces when rolled into a ball. Does not stick to clothes or stain. It’s 100% safe and made only of water soluble ingredients. Lightweight and easy to shape, enhances coordination and physical dexterity. Dries to room temperature within 24 hours without any cracks, crumbs, faded colours or shrinkage.

Manufacturer recommended age 36 months and up
Material care instructions Keep unused clay properly sealed to maintain softness


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